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Fujitsu Australia

Fujitsu is Australia’s leading supplier of air conditioning products. Focusing all of their research and manufacturing strengths into one core area has resulted in the world-class, market-leading air conditioning products you see today. Fujitsu have developed a range of cost effective air conditioning for every space or taste, with units covering both residential and commercial applications, and a designer range for stylish modern interiors.
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Advantage Air

Advantage Air is an Australian company, based in Perth, Western Australia. Since 1990, we’ve been researching, designing and manufacturing air-conditioning systems in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions. We take great pride in producing a home grown product that is world class – and we have the 6 patents, 24 registered designs, 2 innovation patents, 4 trademarks and 2 design marks to prove it.
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Seeley Australia

Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and a global leader in developing ingenious, energy-efficient cooling and heating products. Their vision is to lead the world in creating climate control solutions which continue to be highly innovative, of premium quality and inspirational in their delivery of energy efficiency.

About us


Habitat Air was founded with a vision to provide superior customer focused service and value to the market. Although a new business we have over 20 years experience in all aspects of design, specification, installation and servicing air-conditioning systems.